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The DSMA Notice System

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Standing Notice 4

Physical Property and Assets


This Notice aims to prevent the inadvertent disclosure of information in connection with sensitive UK and NATO installations of critical importance to the security of the UK and its international partners.

Disclosure could assist an adversary to develop plans and capabilities to:

  • monitor, attack, disrupt or destroy installations thereby endangering UK national security and capabilities; and the lives of the UK civilian population.

Editors and Journalists

Editors and journalists are requested to seek advice from the DSMA Secretary before publicly disclosing material which may affect the purpose of this Notice. Such material is likely to include (but is not limited to) information which covers the following topics:

  • High Security MOD sites.
  • High security sites associated with the nuclear weapons programme.
  • High security sites associated with the security and intelligence agencies.
  • Headquarters and communication facilities for use by the UK Government or NATO in times of crises.
  • Sites that form part of the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI). Footnote 5.

Footnote 5: Further Information on CNI is available at