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The DSMA Notice System

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Standing Notice 2

Nuclear & Non-Nuclear Weapon Systems & Equipment


This Notice aims to prevent the inadvertent disclosure of information which would improve an adversary’s knowledge and understanding of the UK’s military and security weapon systems and equipment (including nuclear, conventional and counter-terrorist). Such disclosure could enable an adversary to develop defensive counter-measures and/or offensive capabilities or take pre-emptive actions to negate their effects.  Such action would endanger national security and/or increase the risk to UK lives.

Editors and Journalists

Editors and journalists are requested to seek advice from the DSMA Secretary before publicly disclosing material which may affect the purpose of this Notice.  Such material is likely to include (but is not limited to) information which covers the following topics:

  • Detailed design of UK nuclear weapon systems, their support systems and the technologies used to produce them.
  • Detailed security arrangements for the storage and transportation of the UK’s nuclear weapon systems and the associated fissile materials.
  • Capabilities, vulnerabilities and technologies (including cyber technology) used in both conventional and counter-terrorist weapon systems.