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The DSMA Notice System

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Standing Notice 5

Personnel and their Families who work in Sensitive Positions


This Notice aims to prevent the inadvertent disclosure of Sensitive Personal Information (SPI) that reveals the identity, location or contact details of personnel (and their family members) who have security, intelligence and/or counter-terrorist duties and/or backgrounds, including members of the UK Security and Intelligence Agencies, MOD, Special Forces and Operational Cyber Units.

Those working in such sensitive positions should be able to do so without there being unnecessary personal risk to them or their family. SPI of such individuals and their family members includes any information that could lead to their identification but in particular includes their images, names and work and home addresses. Disclosure of such details can create risks up to and including endangering their lives.


Editors are requested to seek advice from the DSMA Secretary before disclosing material which may affect the purpose of this Notice.  Such material is likely to include (but is not limited to) information which covers the following topics:

  • The SPI (including images) of the families and those involved, both directly and indirectly, with defence, security, intelligence and counter-terrorism and;
  • Contact details used by the intelligence agencies, Special Forces and Operational Cyber Units.