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DSMA Committee Meeting 8 November 2018 – Minutes

The Defence & Security Media Advisory Committee minutes of a meeting held in the Ministry of Defence at 6pm on Thursday 8th November 2018


The following were present:

  • Mr Dominic Wilson (Chairman)
  • Mr John Battle (Joint Vice-Chairman)
  • Mr Simon Shercliff (FCO)
  • Mr Ian Murray (Joint Vice-Chairman)
  • Mr Graeme Biggar (Home Office)
  • Ms Laura Adams
  • Ms Madeleine Alessandri (Cabinet Office)
  • Mr Peter Clifton
  • Mr Paul Wyatt (MOD)
  • Mr Joe Fay
  • Mr Charles Garside
  • Mr James Green
  • Mr Michael Jermey
  • Mr David Jordan
  • Mr John McLellan
  • Mr Owen Meredith
  • Mr Charlie Redmayne
  • Mr Craig Tregurtha
  • Ms Sarah Whitehead
  • Brigadier Geoffrey Dodds: Secretary
  • Air Commodore David Adams: First Deputy Secretary
  • Group Captain John Alexander: Second Deputy Secretary
  • There were apologies from Jess Brammar, Janine Gibson and David Higgerson.

181108 – DSMA Committee Meeting – Minutes – Acc2