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DPBAC Meeting 9 November 2010 – Minutes

The Defence Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee minutes of a meeting held in the Ministry of Defence at 6pm on Tuesday 9th November 2010

The following were present:

  • Ursula Brennan, Chairman
  • Mr S Bucks, Vice-Chairman
  • Mr T Drew (representing¬†Sir David Normington)
  • Mr C Martin¬†(representing Mr O Robbins)
  • Mr P Barron
  • Mr H Carnegy
  • Mr E Curran
  • Mr R Esser
  • Mr J Grun
  • Mr A Jermey
  • Mr D Jordan
  • Mr J MacManus
  • Mr B Mcllheney
  • Mr J McLellan
  • Mr A Qualtrough
  • Mr R Satchwell
  • Air Vice-Marshal A Vallance, Secretary
  • Air Commodore D Adams, Deputy Secretary

In Attendance:

  • Mr J Toker (Cabinet Office) (Item 3)
  • Mr N Pett (MOD Press Office

101109 – DPBAC Meeting – Minutes-Acc2