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DPBAC Meeting 1 November 2012 – Minutes

The Defence Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee minutes of a meeting held in the Ministry of Defence at 6pm on Thursday 1 November 2012

The following were present:

  • Mr Jon Thompson (MOD) Chair
  • Mr S Bucks, Vice-Chairman
  • Mr D Wilson (representing Mr O Robbins, Cabinet Office)
  • Mary Calam (representing the Home Office)
  • Mr J Sinclair (representing Mr L Bristow, FCO)
  • Ursula Mackenzie
  • Mr M Jermey
  • Mr J MacManus
  • Mr C Garside
  • Mr G Martin
  • Mr D Jordan
  • Mr P Barron
  • Mr E Curran
  • Mr J Green
  • Mr J Grun
  • Mr R Satchwell
  • Mr R Walker
  • Air Vice-Marshal A Vallance, Secretary
  • Air Commodore D Adams, First Deputy Secretary
  • Commander Roland Woods, Second Deputy Secretary

Apologies had been received from Mr T McKane (MOD), Mr L Bristow(FCO), Mr J Battle, Jane Crust, Mr B McIlheney, Mr O Robbins(Cabinet Office)

The Chair opened the meeting by welcoming to the Committee Mr Laurie Bristow who has replaced Mr Thomas Drew as the FCO representative, Mr Charles Garside of the Daily Mail who has replaced Mr Robin Esser as a representative of the Newspaper Publishers’ Association, Mr Richard Walker of the Sunday Herald who has replaced Mr John McLellan as the representative of the Scottish Daily Newspaper Society and Mr Geoff Martin of Ham and High who has replaced Mr Alan Qualtrough as the representative of the Newspaper Society.

121101 – DPBAC Meeting – Minutes-Acc2